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OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At AT&T(1), we've invested more than $70 million in our Nebraska wireless and wired networks during 2016-2018. These investments boost reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and businesses. We've also improved critical services that support Public Safety and first responders using the FirstNet communications platform.

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Ritual considered many factors related to residents’ health care, including the rate of physical activity, the rate of depression, the availability of health care and social assistance facilities, smoking habits, binge drinking habits, and the percentage of the population that reports being in very good or excellent health. Cities in the West, especially in California, are rated very highly in these areas, while those in the South and the Great Lakes region score lower.

Overall, the car-dependency index ranges from a high of 98.81 to a low of 50.8. The most car-dependent states largely exist in the southern part of the U.S. Conversely, the least car-dependent states are generally found on the West Coast or in the Northeast.

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LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- sold over $9 million (gross auction proceeds) in construction equipment, agricultural equipment, commercial trucks, and trailers in this week's online-only auction. More than 2,800 unique bidders from 49 states and 18 countries worldwide participated in the November 6th auction, bidding on over 1,200 assets. Sandhills Global is the tech company behind, Auction Flex,, and numerous industry trade sites, including,, and

The national debt has surpassed $23 trillion for the second time, adding $4.1 billion in one week. It broke the $23 trillion mark on Nov. 1 for the time in history, barely nine months after the debt broke records surpassing $22 trillion on Feb. 11. The debt has grown some 16 percent since President Donald Trump's inauguration, when it stood at $19.9 trillion.