The Nebraska State Fair has proudly managed and grown the Aksarben Stock Show since 2018 and has every intention of continuing to do so for many years to come. State Fair Executive Director, Bill Ogg and Nebraska State Fair Board Chairwoman, Beth Smith met with the Aksarben Foundation staff two weeks ago to discuss plans around future shows and to confirm a continued partnership with Aksarben as the show’s presenting sponsor. 

Sandra Reding, Aksarben Foundation President, stated, “We strongly support the Nebraska State Fair continuing to produce and manage the Aksarben Stock Show. Under the Nebraska State Fair, the Aksarben Stock Show has expanded its reach, grown the number of entries and participants and has continued to be a sought-after show for many in and around the state. The Aksarben Stock Show is a proud part of the Aksarben legacy, and we’re honored to continue our involvement with the show as the presenting sponsor.”

The partnership between the Nebraska State Fair and the Aksarben Foundation has remained positive as each is committed to supporting and growing the 92-year old livestock show. Though initially owned and managed by the Aksarben Foundation, the Aksarben Stock Show was transitioned away from the Foundation’s management beginning in 2018. The Aksarben Stock Show was moved to Grand Island in 2017 by the Aksarben Foundation, due in part to the impeccable grounds and location of Fonner Park, a move celebrated by show exhibitors and attendees. 

State Fair Chairwoman Smith commented, “Unquestionably, when an employee attempts to seize control and ownership of an employer’s assets without authorization or approval to do so, immediate termination is justified.” The Nebraska State Fair hadn’t foreseen this issue arising but is working to engage stakeholders from multiple areas to insure the Aksarben Stock Show continues and remains successful long into the future. “We are still regrouping from a very successful and exciting 2020 Aksarben Stock Show last weekend. Plans are already underway for the 2021 show, which now includes seeking a new Show Director, but we have every confidence in finding the right candidate and moving forward with another amazing show next year.”

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