GRAND ISLAND – The Heartland United Way is launching their first-ever Week of Sharing Acts of Local Love to be held September 28th – October 2nd. 

Any community member is able to participate in the Week of Sharing Acts of Local Love. Heartland United Way is encouraging workplaces to join in and use it as a team building exercise, or for parents to engage their children and make it a fun, family activity. The acts can be as small or as big as an individual determines and can be something very quick or tasks that require a longer commitment. The one request from Heartland United Way is that people share their participation, encourage others to join and have fun with Sharing Acts of Local Love.

Full details for the Week of Sharing Acts of Local Love, including instruction sheets for each individual day, hashtag details, Acts of Local Love Calendar, images and more can be found at

  • 9/28 - JOIN OUR MISSION   Simply commit to participating. Sign up to receive our newsletter at, download the Acts of Local Love calendar, follow our Facebook page, invite your friends and share your participation!
  • 9/29 - PRAISE A COMMUNITY WORKER   Send a Thank you, write a positive post, drop off a gift – anything to thank a community member who has helped keep our communities healthy, safe and strong!
  • 9/30 - TEXT TO GIVE -Text LOCALLOVE to 313131 to donate to PROJECT UNDERCOVER. This project will help provide new socks and underwear for children in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties.
  • 10/1 - COMMIT TO VOLUNTEERING Register at to connect with local community partners.
  • 10/2 - THANK A BUSINESS Send a thank you, make a purchase and write a positive review – anything to thank a local business for their hard work and support of our communities!
  • 10/3 - LEND YOUR SUPPORT Make masks, mow your neighbor’s lawn, deliver food to someone who lives alone, or donate blood. Simply choose a task that lends support and spreads joy!
  • 10/4 - PRACTICE SELF CARE Go for a quiet walk, start a new hobby, dance, take a nap, read a book…end your week by prioritizing taking care of yourself!

To join in on the week’s events, people are encouraged to visit to subscribe & follow along! Share your Acts of Local Love by joining the conversation on Facebook (/HeartlandUnitedWay), Instagram (@HeartlandUW) and Twitter (@HeartlandUW).

Anyone who would like more information on the Heartland United Way can visit, call 308-382-2675 or

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