Hall County voters wanting to get a mailed ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election may request one now. 

“The application process for a mailed ballot opened July 6 and will remain open through 6 p.m. October 23,” said Hall County Election Commissioner Tracy Overstreet.

Nebraska law does require an application for a mailed ballot before every election. “Just because you received a mailed ballot in a past election does not mean that you will automatically get one for this election,” Overstreet said. “Ballots for the November 3 general election will only be mailed to voters who apply for one between July 6 and October 23.

Applications for mailed ballots are available at the Hall County website www.hallcountyne.gov. Click on Election Commission, then Early Voting Application. The application needs to be printed off and signed. Electronic signatures are not accepted.

Early Voting Applications are also available at the Grand Island Public Library, the Hall County Election Office at 121 S. Pine Street and outside the east entrance of the Hall County Administration Building, 121 S. Pine Street, in a tote under the Official Ballot Drop Box. An application for mailed ballots will also be in the October 7 Grand Island Independent.

Applications for mailed ballots may be returned by mail, email, fax, in person or to the ballot drop box outside the Hall County Administration Building. Return information is listed on applications.

Ballots will begin to be mailed to voters September 28.

In-person early voting will begin October 5 and run through November 2. Voters interested in voting early, in person may come to the Hall County Administration Building, complete an early voting application and will be issued a ballot to vote.

Hall County’s 23 polling sites will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on general election day November 3.

“There are a lot of different ways for voters to participate in the November 3 General Election,” Overstreet said. “We want voters to participate in the method that is most convenient and most comfortable for each individual voter.”

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