image-253.jpg, dining area (copy)

The main floor of the house.

Dana Blaschko is intrigued at the thought of living somewhere with a pool.

Maybe after a few years of relaxing, she’ll be ready to tackle another project.

Blaschko and her former partner, Brandon Vasholz, recently finished the restoration of the H.C. Williams House, a Bemis Park historical property at 3308 Lincoln Blvd., that is now for sale.

Tammy Nun of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate is the listing agent.

When the Omaha World-Herald first checked in on the project in February of 2022, they were just starting their work after the home had been damaged by a fire.

There was lots of paperwork to get through, too, before construction could begin.

image-245.jpg (copy)

The house is done in the same colors it would have had in 1906 when it was built.

Blaschko worked with the city of Omaha Landmark Heritage Preservation Commission and History Nebraska on the project, which was part of History Nebraska’s Valuation Incentive Program. As a result, the property taxes are set at a reduced rate (based upon the pre-renovation value) through 2035.

“It was a really fun project. I know some family is going to love being part of the neighborhood,” she said.

From Cuming Street, little looks different about the house, which is done in the warm tan and charcoal accent paint colors that would have been typical when the house was built in 1906.

Inside, the original floors and trim remain but almost everything else is new. Blaschko said it’s still kept its original character and charm.

Because of the fire in 2021, there was a lot of water damage upstairs. The pipes froze and flooded the entire basement. They had to deal with mold and asbestos and the east side of the house had to be lifted six inches to make it level.

image-280.jpg (copy)

Dana Blaschko loves the main bedroom with all of its windows.

It now has new electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heat. The roof was replaced along with every window but one with leaded glass.

“Then all of the finish work inside was coordinated with the state, to match the standards of the Department of the Interior,” Blaschko said.

Her favorite room in the 3,079-square-foot house now is the main bedroom, one of five. Its nine windows overlook the park across the street and offer views that stretch south to Midtown Crossing.

Blaschko said it’s like sleeping in the trees.

“It’s really, really beautiful,” she said.

The one kitchen — the property had five when it was divided into apartments — has new cabinetry and modern appliances. Blashko said it’s a kitchen that a chef might enjoy cooking in.

image-261.jpg (copy)

The kitchen has been redone with new cabinetry and modern appliances.

She has been using the mother-in-law suite, with its own entrance, as an Airbnb.

“It looks fresh,” she said of the house. “It has all the historical elements. Everything we could save we did and reinstalled.”

Blaschko, an architect for HDR, did some of the work herself but most of it was contracted out. She said that was important so that it was done right and to support the local trades.

She estimates that it cost $300,000 to restore, so there won’t be much of a profit with the $450,000 price tag. Blaschko is OK with that.

“It was important to me to save it,” she said. “It’s just too big for one person and a cat.”

Blaschko loves the charm of the midtown neighborhood and how close it is to everything. Her first house reno was just a few blocks away on California Street.

The 37-year-old isn’t opposed to doing a third, as long as she gets a break for a while in a work-free abode.

“I’ll figure it out in the end,” she said. “That’s part of life’s adventure.”


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