NWGGA announces 2020 passport winners; 2021 passport now in

The 2020 NWGGA Passport announces 15 or more stamp prize winners.


MILFORD, NE – The Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association's (NWGGA) 2020 Passport Program winners live via Zoom on March 1st.


The 2020 NWGGA Passport 15 or more stamp prize winners were: Joyce Swanson, Lori Jorgenson, and Shirley Vickinovac. They won $100 in Wine Bucks and a set of two wine stoppers. The three grand prize winners who completed all 29 stops were: Douglas Suckstorf, Gary Thompson, and

Karla Schnacker. They won a wine tumbler, $100 in Wine Bucks, and 2 tickets to the 2021 TOAST Wine Festival.


The NWGGA Passport consists of a map of Nebraska showing the locations of Nebraska's wineries and tasting rooms. Upon purchase of wine or a tasting, the NWGGA Passport is stamped and participants are ready for their next location.


The 2021 Passport Program kicked off in mid-February. This year of the program features 21 Nebraska wineries and 8 tasting rooms. We have already distributed nearly 30,000 passports across the state, and hope more Nebraskans visit our award winning wineries in 2021.


Official copies can be picked up at participating wineries, tasting rooms, and local visitor bureaus or chambers of commerce. The 2021 Passport can also be ordered for free from the NWGGA's website.


We encourage Nebraskans to visit all the wineries and tasting rooms on the 2021 Passport. We're proud to play a significant role in Nebraska's growing tourism industry.


For more information on the NWGGA 2021 Passport Program, please visit

www.nebraskawines.com or call (402) 405-1291

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